The purposes of this site are to:

  • Serve as an archival site for the Project Discovery of Alexandria Board
  • Feature events involving students such as workshops & tours
  • Showcase events such as Walkathons & Legacy Fundraising
  • Allow immediate access to the history & actions PDAAB since 2010
  • Highlight contributions made by members and students
  • Provide donation links
  • Embed videos and photos of specific events

Mission statement


The goals and guiding principles of the Project Discovery of Alexandria Advisory Board (PDAAB) are to: 1). raise funds; 2). promote community involvement; and 3). foster positive public relations for the Project Discovery of Alexandria Program (PDA).

What is Project Discovery of Alexandria?

Project Discovery of Alexandria is an innovative program designed to assist low income and/or first-generation college eligible students reach a higher level of personal motivation and accomplishment.  Through workshops and trips to college campuses, the program provides vital information about how to set and achieve educational goals.  With an active community-based Advisory Board and a parent-involvement component, it has made a profound difference in the lives of Alexandria’s youth.


Project Discovery Alexandria operated as a pilot by the Department of Human Services in 1985 with monies raised through the Alexandria business community.  In 1986, the General Assembly enthusiastically appropriated funds for seven programs throughout the state of Virginia, including Alexandria, with the understanding that half of the money required for operation would be raised locally to support a fully-comprehensive program.  The Project Discovery network in Virginia has grown to 20 sites and other programs are operating in seven states.

Walkathon 2010

Dr. Mustafa Mohammed

The picture above represents the Walkathon held in 2010 at Fort Ward Park.

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