The End of Year Celebration for Project Discovery Alexandria students was held June 15, 2021.

TC Williams Graduation 2021

Historic In-Person Commencement 2021
In a year where uncertainty and change prevailed, 888 seniors from T.C. Williams High School — home of the Titans — proudly accepted their diplomas on June 12, 2021, and became the last class to graduate under this school name. The Class of 2021 navigated a dual pandemic of COVID-19 and racial unrest during the past 15 months of their high school education and played a prominent role in making the name change to Alexandria City High School a reality.
Source: ACPS Newsletter
See additional photos from the event.

RSVP — http://BIT.LY/PD_EOY2021

Bruce Milton, Chair of the Project Discovery Alexandria Advisory Board (PDAAB), discussed supporting students during the pandemic and Spring2Action 2021 where everyone can lend a hand to deserving students.

I’m Just Running

I’m Just Running has chosen Project Discovery Alexandria (PDA) as their sponsored charity for the month of June! PDA will get a small portion of all their shirt sales for the month of June. 

I’m Just Running believes in a world where men, women, and children are free to run when and where they want without the fear of oppression, racism, or discrimination. Our shirts are dedicated to all of the runners who have been the victim of racial profiling, while just running. Every month, a portion of proceeds are donated to a different charitable organization or cause. Learn more at 

Applying to College Was Never Easy for Most Students. 

The first sign that Twyla Joseph’s college application process was not going to go as planned came on March 13, 2020, when, a day before her scheduled SAT, she learned the test had been canceled. The May and June tests were also canceled as coronavirus cases surged. 

The End-of Year was celebrated virtually Mr. Jerry McCargo was the Guest Speaker.

A special “Thank You” to ALL Project Discovery Alexandria donors!

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