The Project Discovery Alexandria Advisory Board (PDAAB) has a rich history. Many people have contributed to the success of the organization. This page is designed to acknowledge some of those contributors. The comments that follow are not intended to be exhaustive, but include some of the highlights for past leaders of PDAAB.

Although the account that follows addresses events from 2012, the foundation that was established prior to this time has not been forgotten.  I hope each member will share more about their experiences.

This site complements the City’s website, but is not designed to replace it.

Past Leadership

Unsurpassed Leadership . . . Cassandra Chess, Walkathon Chair & Cherie Brown, Former Chair, PDAAB.

Shawna Gary & Students from 2019 Reception

A special thank you to Shawna Gary for her awesome work with PDAAB as the primary social media specialist for FaceBook and other mediums for several years  She laid the foundation for the current social media engagements.

We appreciate Shawna Gary’s leadership.

Our Living Legend

The Honorable Allison Silverberg and Mrs. Lillian Patterson

Our “Living Legend” Ms. Lillian Patterson also worked with the Scholarship Committee until her resignation in October 2018.


Walkathons have served as one of the largest fundraisers for the organization. Participants have included community leaders, Mayors, City Council members and entrepreneurs in the City of Alexandria.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa and Mrs. Lougenia Williams served faithfully for over 20 years.

Ron Frazier (Former Director of Project Discovery).  Under the leadership of Ron Frazier, Project Discovery Alexandria became an integral part of the community while providing workshops, university tours and additional activities for the students at T.C. Williams High School.  Through Ron’s efforts, PDAAB was consistently recognized by the State of Virginia as a role model for similar organizations.

The former Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, Mr. Bill Euille is photographed supporting the efforts of Project Discovery Alexandria.

Glenn Gamber, Former Chair

Glenn Gamber (Past Chair), Lougenia Williams (Past Vice Chair).  Glenn and Lou were the leaders when I came on board in 2012. They did an outstanding job of keeping projects and programs on the front-burner. We can never forget the sacrifices that Glenn and Lou made for the students at T.C. Williams High School.  Lou continues to work with the organization on various committees.  She is always ready to assist in any area that she can.

Cherie M. Brown (Past Chair).  Cherie took over after Glenn and Lou.  Cherie worked consistently and diligently to assist with fundraising and event planning.  She made it easy to plan, organize and work with the PDAAB. Under her leadership, we participated in walkathons, legacy fundraising events, surveys and a retreat that informed our future activities. 

Sheree Monroe Pendleton (Past Vice President). Sheree served as Vice President after Ms. Lougenia Williams. Sheree has been one of the largest donors to Project Discovery Alexandria.

Sheree Pendleton Monroe — 2017 Legacy Event

Cassandra Chess (Walkathon Chair). The Walkathon was one of the most successful fundraisers for PDAAB.  This event included refreshments, community leaders, students, giveaways and brief announcements.  We always had fun with the Zumba activity.

Cassandra was also responsible for providing one of our best guest speakers for a Legacy Fundraising Event, Mr. Arnold L. Harvey, author of “Every Decision Matters”.

Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D., (Vice Chair). After joining the PDA Board in 2012, Dr. Hall-Haynes served as Chair of the Legacy Event Fundraiser. She was also instrumental in securing one of the largest PDA donors, Mr. Jerry McCargo, CEO of ARServices in Alexandria, VA.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc. Represents

Judith Vaughn, Iburia Hall-Haynes and Sherry Billingsley are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and they serve on the Project Discovery Alexandria Board.

Judith Vaughn, Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D. &

Sherry Billingsley at Legacy Event 2018

Although some of the efforts of previous leaders (officers) have been highlighted, all of the members since 2012, have worked effectively in their areas of expertise and they were always willing to support the mission and goals of PDAAB.  The leaders (officers) could not have done their work without the support of the entire membership. They supported and assisted in all of the efforts of PDAAB.

The membership during 2019-2020 was as follows: Sherry Billingsley, Cherie McClam Brown, Past Chair, Cassandra Chess, Chair, Walkathon, Michael Crifasi, Chair, Fundraising, Shawna Gary, Chair, Book Scholarships, Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Stanley Lamb, Bruce Milton, Chair, Mohamed Mustafa, Ph.D., Lillian Patterson, Sheree Pendleton, Nia Shabazz, Zavin Smith, Judith Vaughn, Lougenia Williams, & Marques Wilson.

Additionally, we have made great strides under the leadership of Noraine Buttar, Youth Development Team Leader, Rashad Price, Project Discovery Coordinator & Kimberly L. Hurley, M.S., Health & Community Education Specialist. 

We couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable team. A PowerPoint recognizing Cherie, Bruce, Michael and Ms. Patterson can be viewed with this link.

A special “shout out” to those who have helped to make the Project Discovery Alexandria Advisory Board strong advocates for the the students at T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA.

2019 End-of-Year Program

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