Congratulations Benedicte & Anila!

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, ARServices awarded two $4,000.00 scholarships to Project Discovery of Alexandria (PDA) scholarship applicants Benedicte Nzita and Anila Ziai. A special “Thank You” to Mr. Jay McCargo, President & Chief Executive Officer of ARServices for his generosity and continued support of PDA. Accounts of previous contributions made by ARServices and Mr. McCargo to PDA can be viewed by clicking here.

Mr. Andrew Covert, Executive Vice President for Operations of ARServices announced the awards during the Virtual Awards Ceremony. Thank You Mr. Covert, we appreciate you.

Spotlight on Mr. Jay McCargo

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In 2016, Mr. Jay McCargo, President and CEO of ARServices awarded four scholarships to members of Project Discovery Alexandria.

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The recipients were: Sharolyn Burt, Cameron Graves, Ajuanae Nelson and Sarah Marfo

ARServices continued their support and involvement with Project Discovery Alexandria (PDA) and Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) in the following areas:

Sponsorship and Mentoring of the TC Williams Robotics Team

  • ARServices has employed a professional STEM Coordinator for 8-12 hours per week directly supporting the TC Williams FTC Robotics Team and providing other STEM related programming at TC Williams and Minnie Howard. Our STEM Coordinator has 30+ years of STEM education and worked professionally as a STEM Coordinator at the Naval Research Laboratory previously.
  • ARServices directly funded the material and technology necessary to build the robot(s) for competition, an approximate cost of $2,000 in 2018.

Scholarships to Project Discovery Alumni

  • ARServices has provided academic scholarships for three first generation college-bound Project Discovery alumni.  These scholarships have ranged from $2,000 to $4,000 per year and directly support these students’ tuition.  The students are required to maintain academic achievement and engage with ARServices. 
  • In addition to the scholarships, ARServices professional staff have mentored and supported these students, providing oral presentation preparation and other guidance to support them in their academic and personal journeys as they matriculate.  ARServices has provided more than $30,000.00 in scholarships.

Internships for Project Discovery Alumni

  • ARServices has offered paid internships to the Project Discovery alumni who are currently receiving scholarships.  Two of the three were employed by ARServices.  These students have provided support to ARServices’ corporate and operations teams, engaged in supporting human resources, business development and contracts.  These internships allow the students the opportunity to earn additional pay while learning valuable business experience.  ARServices will offer internship opportunities to the students again.

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