Members ’18 – ‘192


Sherry Billingsley

Cherie McClam Brown, Chair

Cassandra Chess, Chair Walkathon

Shawna Gary, Chair Book Scholarship

Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D., Vice Chair

Stanley Lamb

Bruce Milton, Chair, Communications & Outreach

Mohamed Mustafa, Ph.D.

Lillian Patterson

Nia Shabazz

Zavin Smith

Judith Vaughn

Lougenia Williams

Marques Wilson

Honorary Members

Patricia Broussard

Michael Diggins

Glenn Gamber

Blanche Maness

Charles Parker


Reem Hilal, President

Sidrah Hamid, Vice President

Zyara Wilson, Secretary

Nuhamin Dejere, Treasurer


Simone Haskins

Calla Zane


Noraine Buttar

Youth Development Team Leader

City of Alexandria, Virginia

Rashad Price

Project Discovery Coordinator

Kimberly L. Hurley, M.S.

Health & Community Education Specialist

City of Alexandria, Virginia


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